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I’m Megan Lortz, the calligrapher behind Blushing Calligraphy. I shop almost exclusively at Trader Joe’s and Target, I’m married to my high school sweetheart and I’m unashamedly obsessed with my dog.

I’ve worked with incredible planners, photographers and couples across the country to make their vision come to life and I’d love to work with you, too.

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Intentionality and thoughtfulness are the heart behind my business. I love how small details make the largest difference in making someone feel personally thought of and loved. I’m the friend who likes to send notes, random “thinking of you and thanks for being awesome” texts, and think surprises via snail mail are the absolute best.  

Adding in those small details to your event can make a guest, even in a room full of 100+ people, feel like you thought of them individually and are glad they’re there. And that’s how I want every guest of yours to feel. So that’s how this business was dreamt up. Just me, wanting special events everywhere to have those memorable touches that make everyone in the room feel like your VIP.

"intentionality and thoughtfulness are the heart behind my business."

I've been told I have good handwriting (and so does my mom, if genes have anything to do with it). But luckily for us all, good handwriting does not equal good calligraphy. Years back an interest sparked when hand lettering was becoming more popular.  Thanks to a workbook kit I received for Christmas and a beginner’s workshop at my favorite local stationery shop, I learned the basic tools to these letterforms, and have over the years developed my own style that is still evolving, and probably always will.

I’ve attended calligraphy workshops where the instructor gave their background and shared that they were able to leave their full time job because of their work in calligraphy and hand lettering. I thought to myself, “That sounds great, I would never be able to do that.” Well, by the (very literal) grace of God, here I am. After calling this a hobby for several years, I was blessed through unforeseen circumstances to leave my full-time corporate job in 2019 and pursue this business, and I’m so proud to call it my own.

I live in Orange County, California with my husband, Nick and our pup Jovie. I love a good cup of morning coffee, going on walks with friends (because Jovie can come, mainly) and am in constant pursuit of what brings joy.

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Quality time!

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New Girl

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Trader Joe's dark chocolate PB cups

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Vanilla sweet cream cold brew

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Customization is the beauty of calligraphy. I'd love to take your vision and make it possible. Contact us to get started!

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