You've put a lot of work into your event, and you want your guests to be wrapped up in the experience you've created. To notice the details. To connect, slow down, and be present. 

When you do this, you make them feel important. And they won’t forget that connection.



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Make your event memorable and personal with handwritten calligraphy services

Live Calligraphy Services

Bring attention to your brand, new product launch, or a milestone you’re celebrating.

Wedding Calligraphy Services

Make your wedding look the opposite of cookie cutter (or like everyone else with a cricut), so your wedding is as unique, meaningful, and 100% you. 


It started with place card calligraphy, and then one day Tiffany’s called, and my love for personalized experiences through handwritten calligraphy went through the (diamond-studded) roof.

Now, my business serves high-end brands looking for that extra touch of personalization to connect with their buyer beyond the product itself. It’s meaningful and personalized, always.

(And yes, I can literally write on anything!)

Meet Megan

“You did an excellent job and made our clients feel extremely special.”

Roberta Wood, Store Manager, Furla South Coast Plaza

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“Her attention to detail is incredible...”

Emily C.

Megan’s calligraphy is amazing! I got SO many compliments on our envelopes for our wedding. Her attention to detail is incredible, and she is so easy to work with and timely. I’d recommend her for any calligraphy work that you need to be done for your event.

You want your guests to have an experience that means something to them, not just your wedding day or company event. 
So let’s make them see it, feel it, and talk about it with everyone they know.